Hi, I have a hollowbody Riviera that I plan on taking to the shop to get the P-94 pair installation. My question is, will I need new pots for it? Does anyone know which one I need? (i.e. 300K, 500K or whatever).

I need to know in advance, because I hear shops rip you off for these things that usually cost $7-10 a piece.
If you have pots now, you shouldn't need new ones. Besides, there's no set rule on what pots you have to use with what pickups. I use 250k pots with high output passive buckers and they're fine. A P-94 is technically a single coil, so whatever you have now should work.
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Even 7-10 dollars is too high, I buy my pots for $1.20.

Basically, 250k will bleed off some treble, 500k is a bit brighter, and 1meg doesn't bleed much treble(therefore it is the brighest.)
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