Why are parkers never spoken of on this forum? In the guitar brand elimination there was no parker. They are great guitars in fact I played a schecter c1 plus, elite, and classic but walked out with a parker. They are amazing but never recommended either. its always get a schecter or Ibanez. Well get a parker.
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They are AMAZING guitars! But I just think because they're guitars are REALLY expensive, even they're standard ones. There are also much less Parker dealers than Gibson dealers. You can find a Gibson in almost all stores in the world! But Parkers are hard to find. Not much people even know my brand. They're guitars are light, slim and comfortable. My guitar teacher has had his Parker for about 10 years now and it's never let him down (except fret wear).
I've been thinking of a P-42, it looks like a great guitar, but i'm gonna have to wait til i get a job and get an ibanez 7 string with lockign tremolo.
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I played a parker nitefly, like the guy in CKY, and it felt really cool.
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