ok im getting a stingray soon and i was going to get a black one with rosewood fretboard but they dont have it in stock, but they do have it in stock with a maple fretboard so my question is this, what is the difference otehr than looks between the two?sound?feel?fastness? i tried playing a maple fretboarded stingray at guitar center but the action much of been real low or something because the stings kept rattling and stuff, do all maple stingrays have this problem????
IMO, maple sounds and feels better on all Fender-Designed instruments. It sounds snappier, it looks more fitting, etc etc. I'd go maple on nearly any Leoesque bass I could.
Sound beftter, and looks cool with certain colors, black being one of them. Go for it, IMO.
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ok thanks guys i just didnt wanna spend $1165.50 on something i wouldnt really be into. but i love stingrays they are sooo comfortable to me, but what about the rattling??
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the rattling was probabolly do to the low action and maybe there was a bend in the neck... test yours out and see if it rattles if it does, have them fix it free of charge
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