hey, above is the link to my new song "Photographic Memories"
it was a riff I had messed around with for some time and finally wrote lyrics to, and I like how it turned out except for some timing faults that I let slide because I couldn't get it right however many times I did it.

if you give mine a listen and a crit I'll return the favor, I'm always interested in hearing other people's stuff.

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I like the riff you have there, it seems that your guitar plays really smoothly. Pretty nice, the vocals sustain the song well. Dude, i really like the riff at about 1:50 with the arpeggiated chords, it transitions into a minor/diminished sound (not sure) but it really brings a feeling of despair (not in an emo way, lol). There really seems to be alot of sounds going one, it seems that there's a new riff all the time, but i guess thats just how you made it. The guitar that comes in during the end with the chords is kinda out of strum/time with the main guitar, but not really that bad. It was pretty good to say the least. Nice job.

Thanks for your crit.
Damn dude, I like it! The chord changes and transitions throughout the whole song area great. Yea, the timing is a little off, but as impossible as it seems if you keep at it you'll get it down. Nice voice, and I liked the lyrics. Just work on the timing in parts and it will be great.

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love the guitar. reminds me of some incubus stuff (which I love). The melody is lovely and the harmonies are spot on. riff at 1:50ish - verrrry nice. i agree with pinholes - there are a lot of different sounds - the song seems to take different turns every now and again, which isn't a bad thing - it keeps you interested. But it's harder for the song to sort of stay in the listeners head. Nevertheless that doesnt bother me (and im rambling) - i really liked it
Nice tone on the acoustic, but the levels are clipping a bit... so watch that. Try to keep them at 0dB or a hair lower.

In fact they're burying your vox.

The tone and the vox though are top notch. I'll give you that... just do a little mixing and mastering and this would be mint!

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Hey I remember you! I listened to your Castles Made of Sand cover a while back (not sure if I critted that or not). Anyways on to the crit:

I love the acoustic riffs. Good work on the vox too, you got a good voice there. Well written song man, you're good at this acoustic stuff. I love the way you transition into a minor-ish sound around the middle (as said before). Good job!

Crit mine?
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