Ok, this is my metal Improv. I have my whole guitar tuned down a whole step (D I guess??) and I had to figure out where to solo for an E song, but I think it worked out pretty good. There are some random notes in there that sound like crap, but I guess it's ok. And please, dont crit the ending, because I only had one shot at recording an improv, because a string broke on the first take. So, tell me what you think, and I'm gonna go watch Reservoir Dogs and restring my Jackson, lol.

Improv -

Randy Rhoads & Dimebag
Hmm i dunno, I didn't think the solo fit w/the backing track. Wasn't much of a flow to it, except you start to get it at around 1:50 or so. I'm not much of a metal solo-ist myself so I'm not sure how valuable my opinion is Restring and retune and lets hear the new one . I hate when I break a string, lol its such a downer lol

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