No-one knows of you powers of deception
No-one knows just how well you can fake it.
Is it the right time to unmask your true self,
or should you continue to grasp the safety,
in the calloused hands of the liar, the backstabber, the betrayer, and the deciever
what are you going to do?
no-ones looking at you
is it time to do something
does anyone even care?

Step foward, and make the mark in the book of faith
write your name with peace and serenity
consol yourself with the fact that after today,
there is no more worry, anger or unrest
believe the fact that you have made the real thing
place yourself among the just and true
and step towards the stairs.
as to what happens next...
well don't you already know??

The note, the label the pen, or the paper.
Which will eraticate her feelings of adoration?
is it the reason why I can't say no?
or the truth that isn't noticed?
although none of this is relevant
the truth is
i dont even understand what i want
and that, is half the problem

Please don't be too harsh