here's a song ive been working on

the first section is the chorus that gets repeated some. i just want some opinions. thanks!

Why oh why do the good times fly
To where angels live and where heroes die
Leaving us with no time to say goodbye
Why oh why do our good times fly

The hammers did fall and metal bent higher
Showed us that our dreams are made out of fire
Captured our hearts and made us admire
Took us to the clouds and bloodstained mires

You pick up their tool but can you call it your own?
Can you stride up there and assume the throne?
If there's one lesson learned it's one time shown
That the wrath of Gods is
bleeding fingers,
melted hearts,
and chills. Chills down to the bone

The beat of the Gods is drawing ever near
When it arrives, shall you be here?
Mind all pressing matters, if this you hold dear
But once the heavens break, there'll be nothing to fear