Ok so I finally got around to getting the music for this song! A played threw twice quick then started recording tracks so Ive only been playing this song for like an hour. Let me know what you think. O take note I dont play lead but I did try and fiddle a little at the end!lol

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Haven't heard the original but I like this alot. Guitar sounds good, no problems there. I like your vocals, they sound kind of like an on key Bob Dylan with a falsetto. Cool harmonies/multitracking at parts though. Solo sounded ok from what I heard, definitely turn that up. It gets lost in the rhythm guitar. Good cover.
haven't heard the original like the others who crited before me. i like the guitar, nothin wrong with that. i like the sound of you're vocals. good job on the solo. overall i didn't hear anything wrong with the song. good job.

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Like everyone else I haven't heard this song either. Did you play and sing at the same time? I do that sometimes but occasionally ill multi track to focus on vocals. I think there are a few parts when you go high where you fade out a little bit. I think if you focused on it you'd hit the notes no problem.

Other then that it sounds great. Good job.
I HAVE heard the original song, and I love your version over it It seems to have much more warmth and 'soul' than the original, which sounds more like an exceptionally good boyband song. (yes I have heard their live/acoustic version, I still like this better personally ) you also seem to have less trouble with the high pitched verse than Oasis heh

anyway, i thought the solo didn't fit, maybe you should play it on a scale relating better to the rest of the song? (that's as much as I can describe it, being theoretically impaired and all) I'm not sure, it just suddenly changed the feel of the song
How can so many people have not heard Live Forever? One of the greatest songs ever it is...
I liked the Verse Part, because the chorus isn't so accurate (did you change it to adjust the song to your voice or something?). And yes, the solo is the one of the most important things of that song which you shouldn't have changed. Overall, great vocals, nice guitar.
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bahaha... idk why i havent heard this song either, but I really enjoyed this one, I'll make sure to hear the original soon. Great work.
I like this cover. Youve got a good tone on guitar, and I like the double tracking on the vocals. You're a good singer.
I really like it. I've heard the original and this one compare's very well. The solo could use some work, it sounds like it doesn't really fit. Also, I liked your vocals. They were very good. Some parts it was hard to hear you singing but other than that, it was a great cover. 9.5/10

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Nice job. Is it just me or are some of the chords in the chorus wrong? The vocals could use a little polishing up at some points, but they are good overall. I'm not really a big fan of the harmonizing vocals but that's just preference.
Thanks for the crits guys. Yea I noticed that a couple of the chords might not be right, chalk another one up to UG tabs!!! Ill have to sit down this week and figure them out myself, but i guess they were colse enough for my first time playing this.
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VOX AD100VT combo 2x12 + 2x12cab
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