I'll crit as im listening.

It sounds really good from the start, you keep time REALLLLY well. IT sounds almost exactly like the album version. Except IMO the intro could be heavier. Like less high. I assume it's a double guitar part, so try recording the deeper guitar on top of that.

I really like this. If you had vocals, that were decent, this would be an amazing cover. I don't think I've heard one **** up yet. YOu're an awesome guitar player man, keep it up. I'll listen to your other songs on there as well...

would you crit mine?

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sounds really nice to me, nothing stands out so badly that i could critise it

Can i ask what tab you used for only for the weak cover you did?

If you feel like it have a listen to my eraser cover, as i see you did a cover of roswell 47 by hypocrisy it was awesome.
Ok Ill crit as I listen.
Sounds dead on like someone else said! Is that a backtrack your playing with? I havent really heard this song but the timing is good with the drums. and the levels sound good. So (A) on recording and (A) on guitar. Nice job.

crit for crit please
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