Hey all, I have another tune for review. Just go to the link, and take a listen to "Hope For Death". I would like to know:
1) What you think of the quality of the recording
2) What could be changed/fixed/added to in order to make it better
3) What is the worst parts
4) What is the best parts


Will Crit 4 Crit to serious responses! Thanks!
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1. Recording quality is great. Guitars and drums are mixed well, and the distortion tone is nice and crunchy.

2. Bass would help a lot. Also, the drums were a tad uninteresting. This usually wouldnt be a problem for me, but I think this song could really benefit with a great rhythm section. And, I think a solo would be nice.

3. Worst part was that first intro riff that keeps stopping. An intro should really hit you hard and hook you into the song, but yours just didnt quite do it for me. If youre going to keep it, I suggest the drums do something interesting in between the guitar silences.

4. Best part were the harmonies. Actually, most of the riffs were great and catchy.

Great job, this was a cool tune.

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I didn't really like how the intro guitar just stopped and the snare hit. Prolly add a bass riff to the silence or maybe some palm muting there. Def needs some bass and the drummer to go off a little, drums seem a little plain. The riffs and harmonies were badass, best part imo. Get some bass to the song, that would add alot, not to mention vocals Good job! I liked it overall.

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Maybe it's just me and my computer, but I think the kick drums need a tad more "kick" to them.

With a groove like this tune has, which is absolutely killer, it would go much further if you could not only hear the kick drums, but feel them as well. It drives the song so much more.

Punch it right through the listener's chest!

I love the theme for this. It almost reminds me of old Queensryche from the EP days (Lady Wore Black, Queen of the Reich) with the harmonized parts.
lose the intro and hardcore parts

and it would be half decent melodic metal

rather than core
hey man, thats one great tune you got, personally i didnt dig the very first bit too much but then once it got going it sounded awsome, the harmonized bits sounded really good. The overall quality sounded great in my opinion both guitar tracks really went well with each other, the tone was great.

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some parts kinda reminded me of unholy confessions, but meh, Im ont really into metal like this, but it does sound good.

1. The quality of this is very good man, I love the quality you have going on I wish I can get quality like that. Great job on that.

2. To make it better, um well I hear really nothing wrong with it, the tone is not one to my liking but, if thats the way a metal tone is suppose to soudn then I guess its good, but other than that there is nothing really wrong with it. Add some bass to it as well, CLIFF BURTON style naw, that would probably be to old...

3. the worst parts meh, there are really no bad parts to this, other than the parts that remind of of unholy confessions by avenged sevenfold, but thats it.

4. the best parts with out a doubt are the harmonies that you have going on those are killer definately my favorite parts of this song great job on that.

anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
1. recording quality is great, everything is pretty clear, i too wasnt a fan of the intro tone, a bit harsh and throuout the song theres just this hissy cruch too it. but nevertheless a good metal tone..
2. Re write a new intro i didnt think it was that great. add vocals
3. worst part was the intro
4. best parts, the overall guitar playing and harmonies, you've made a great song here.

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i think that the intro was great, i dont agree with the people who say that it should be more fluid.
the main riff, was very good. i really enjoyed the song
I rate it 7/10. but if i liked that kind of metal more, i'd rate it 8 - 9 / 10

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Connecting to hope for death and listening now.

Nice intro.. Is this studio work or computer recorded ?

Wow 0:20 , great riffs. nice timming , nice beat , nice Interchangable riffs.

Nice tone you have there at 1:12 and great harmonies hear and there.

It's heavy enough to make me But i gotta admit that it sounds kinda boring without vocals.. But all songs sound boring without vocals.

Anyway .. My advice : Add vocals .. Thats it . I liked your song man .

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i can answer your question Necrolust cause i'm the rhythm guitarist in this band, its computer recorded
1) What you think of the quality of the recording -Sounds great A+ (I'm not easily impressed, but I am impressed)

2) What could be changed/fixed/added to in order to make it better -Vocals! I'm not a fan of drum machines. sound so fake and cheesy. Add some lead guitar...Use a wah and do some mudvayne type simple lead / fills.

3) What is the worst parts -It gets boring without some clean vocals. Find a singer! Add some lead.

4) What is the best parts -The song concept in a whole is great. The recording was fabulous.

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i like this quite a lot, the harmonised riff about 30 seconds in is good.
1)recording quality is good.
2)Vocals would most definately help, it isn't too hard to just scream your lowest cannibal corpse style over the song (as long as you don't mind those sort of vocals).
3)It all seems fairly good, maybe make it get a little heavier at some point, possibly a clean riff if you could integrate that into the song. But vocals are a must, with these added the song could be incredible.
4) i loved the little harmonised riff about 20 or 30 seconds in, thats my favourite bit for ya.
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