I have no idea how to do pinch harmonics. I've been trying but it's just been failing horribly. Can someone please give me an easy to follow explanation or a video link or something? This is really killing me. Thanks in advance.
-Use a thick pick (2mm is a good one to use in my opinion).
-Find the sweet spot (all depends on what string and what fret)
-Active Pickups help, but that's more money and more time that really isn't necessary, my suggestions are the EMG 81/85 or the EMG 81/60
-Keep on practicing, it's hard, but the end result is sweetness.
hahaha! i got a pinch harmonic at 24th fret at the highest "e" note... never got it again though.

check out kristofer dahl's shred masterclass[in UG].... theres a portion there where he demonstrated the pinch harmonic...
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