Could you guys answer my dumbass questions please (sorry lol), I just have a few and any help would be greatly appreciated, here's the rig that I wanna get (I heard it at a store and ever since then the tone oh my god, I loved it, I never was able to recreate it, even with my friends Mark IV setup, but obviously he didn't have all the addons):

Mesa Boogie Stereo Simul-class 2:90 power amp.

BBE Sonic Maximizer

Digitech GSP 2101 preamp/processor

Behringer Dual channel tube parametric EQ

First off, what exactly is the purpose of the Behringer channel tube parametric EQ? Is it a soundgate? Is it an EQ? Sorry for the dumb part: What exactly does the EQ do? Is it what I think it is? Like an equalizer to set treble bass?

Digitech preamp/processor, I'm guessing it's just something that cleans up the signal (then what's the BBE Sonic Maximizer's job? I thought the maximizer cleaned the signal..) before going to the 2:90 and the cabs. What I'm asking is, what's it's function?

BBE Sonic Maximizer, wtf, I've looked high and low but I can't get a good description as to what exactly it does, so ya what's its' purpose?

The 2:90 I know is just the head which you plug the cabs into, from my perspective, am I right to say this is how you plug in everything:

Digitech GSP 2101 preamp/processor --> Behringer Dual channel tube parametric EQ --> BBE Sonic Maximizer --> Mesa Boogie Stereo Simul-class 2:90 power amp --> Cabs (in this case a 2 Line6 4x12's ). Am I correct on this?

Please guys, any help will be greatly appreciated.

Google yielded no good results as to the actual functions on the components listed other than then 2:90 which I already know.

Thanks in advance.

Oh and what do you think of the setup, do you think it'd be good? It's gonna be used by a BC Rich Warlock (Platinum) with EMG 81's and 60's and a Flying V. Oh and an Ibanez 450S with active pickups (it's not a hollow body thank god) but they're not EMG's as far as I know, bought it second hand.
EQ is probably just a regular equalizer, parametric rather than graphic, so you can shift what frequencies you are adjusting. I'm not sure what the "tube" part means, maybe they run the signal thru a preamp tube or something to try and give it some warmth.

The digitech is a preamp and fx unit. For a guitar amp, you need a preamp and a poweramp. The preamp shapes the tone, the power amp amplifies that tone. You need both however, you cannot run a guitar directly into a poweramp. The BBE is in it's own class. The way I understand it, normally you will hear certain frequencies before others coming from the speakers, the maximizer shifts those frequencies so you hear them all at closer to the same time, and makes it sound more full. It was described to me as a lazy man's EQ.

usually, it would go:
guitar -> preamp -> poweramp, and the other devices would be connected to the preamp's FX loop. So, preamp FX send to ->EQ->maximizer-> FX return on preamp.

As for it being good, only you can determine that. I might be a little suspect of that preamp, but it's probably a good fx unit from what I've heard. I know the 2:90 kicks ass, and I personally like the BBE maximizer, but a lot of people don't on this board.
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Ok, thanks man I really appreciate your quick response, but I'm def. getting these cuz the tone I heard that day at the store literaly blew me away.