can you play it? cuz then it'll tell you if its a good guitar. i played a Jap strat that, believe it or not, wasn't all that Jap Strats are known for. but mine is teh sex. i love it. i was about to sell it, but i changed the strings and decided not to. at least for now.
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I have a 1986 fender jap strat, plays nice i needed to get it re-wired but it sounds great
Quote by beckyjc
Jap strats=better than mexican.
Do it.

Jap Strats=better than American.

seriously, I have a Japanese 70's reissue strat made between 85 and 89 and this teacher said it was one of the best guitars he has ever played
the reason why you cant get good fender japan now is because fender america was losing money
For real, I have an 82 mexican squier that I bought in a pawn shop for 190 bucks a couple of years ago, it plays better than any mexican standard strat I've ever touched. I've heard there wasn't that much of a difference between the squiers and the fenders back then but I can't even imagine how great the fenders must be.