Gday, can anyone tell me how to avoid an earth loop using say three pedals linked together powered by a regulated power supply.
An earth loop is a noisy hum caused when all devices are joined and using a regulated power supply, you don't suffer with this when using battery powered devices.
either use batteries, or buy more power supplies, i think. Maybe there is a way round it, but I don't know. or buy one of the dear multi-power supplies (like the voodoo labs one) which avoids earth loops.
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Ok the deal is i have a power supply bought off EBAY it has about 6 outputs with flying leads giving a regulated supply, i am lead to believe that you must disconnect one of the earths on a patch lead to stop the hum, anyone care to elaborate??
It depends on where the signal is going...you basically have 2 options...

1. You have a true earth ground issue.

2. You don't have an earth ground issue, but have a ground loop instead. This happens when the ground loops at the beginning and end of the chain to basically make an antenna.

You can test this out by running the units on batteries to test them. If the hum is still there, it's the second problem. If it's gone, then I think you need to buy another power supply, or try to plug the power supply into different outlets. But for troubleshooting, you want to make sure that everything in your rig is on the same electrical circuit. Turn off anything around you that's electronic, and troubleshoot the rig without the guitar. Start with the amp by itself, and if there's no hum, start adding effects one by one to see if it's just one unit buzzing. It might not be the power supply, and if you can identify a faulty pedal, then that will save you a lot of headache if you buy another power supply and it does the same thing.

Also, you probably don't want to go lifting grounds from the power supply..this can get dangerous.
Cheers Two String for the help, i did state that the earth needs removing from a patch lead between effects pedals, at least thats what i was told by a friend of mine.
Just wondering if thats the way to go, as the voltage is 9v/12v DC
Forgot to mention, the stomp boxes have different hot wires i.e. As with BOSS pedals the centre pin on the jack power feed is negative, so using say a Wah Wah may have the power feed as the pos wire. which could cause an earth hum
Troubleshoot the whole thing first before you even think about removing the ground from the power supply to the pedal. If you do actually have a ground loop issue, you might be able to get rid of the problem by removing the ground from the signal cable instead of the power cable. Just unscrew the sheath off of the jack and cut or de-solder the ground wire from just one of the plugs and that will break the ground loop in the signal path.