OK, I'll admit, if I didn't find this site on my own, I'd be missing out on something great. I got this website from another thread, although I can't remember it. There are tons of models to choose from, but I chose an Explorer because I love them. Anyway, here is my tribute to Dime:

where's the dimebucker?
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Dude I'd buy a guitar like that
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where's the dimebucker?

the dimebucker is where it should be................not there........

But there should be a Bill lawrence Xl-500 in bridge at least........
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Looks cool

But i'm not sure if Dime would have the cross inlays.

He had cross inlays on some of his Washburn guitars. Anyway, thats pretty cool. I dont think I would ever get a guitar with someones face on it though, no matter how awesome they were.
yeah i wouldnt even get a guitar with my face on it! i think its a bit wierd looking!