At the moment I play a Yamaha PAC012 guitar (immitation strat, $160). The stock pickups absoutly suck. Try and do a pinch harmonic on it and you just can't get a squeal. No its not my playing. I play a friends JS100 and comes out perfect.

Anyhow, It has single coil pickups at the neck and middle, and a humbucker in the bridge position. What should I replace them with.

I play currently with the Marshall MG10CD (10W practice amp) and a Boss GT-6 Effects Processor. I'm going to be buying a Marshall 50W, and will probably end up with a JS100 for Christmas as I can't pull the money for a new guitar out of my ass.

I play quite honestly, anything and everything. I play with a bluesy style, but at the same time I do a lot of Crue, Black Sabbath, Ozzy, yet also a lot of 80s hair metal and a little punk (not pop-punk).

Anyhow, any recommendations for pickups? I want something with screaming highs and balls-y (yeah, great spelling...) lows and doesn't sound like crap at medium volume. The humbucker is the one that I want to replace the most, but recommendations for the single coils would be great as well.

Thanks bunches (sorry for the massive amounts of crap ya had to read...)