Well, I've been playing around with recordings since about 3 months after I got my guitar. Its been a year now, and I decided after a bit of a time, I'd do one more. More to come I'm sure, but for the time being, heres what I've got. Any opinions welcome. (For the orignal that involves vocals... yeah... being 14... voice change and a crappy computer mic... not a great combination).


The first song I recorded me playing. Its me overdubbing Back in Black. I had the guitar for 3 months or so, maybe a little less. (Its not horrible actually... except one part where I cut myself out at...). Berhinger V-Amp 2 through 40W speakers... and a Mic in front of them.


I did a recording of I Never Dreamed - Black Label Society, but it was 3 months after I started playing, and so horrible that I won't subject you to that kind of torment.

I guess it was a huge gap in covers. I just recoreded a cover of Whos Crying Now - Journey. Recording quality is probably worse, expecally since one of my cords is messed up, and its run through all kinds of crazy setups to reach my computer. This time I used the backing tracks from a Guitar Pro and cut the guitar out. I played the chords that the bass plays for the verse as I didn't wish to have all synth for most of the song. That'd be pointless.

The solo isn't great. It was 6AM (I pulled an all nighter...) when I recorded it, but its not bad by any extent.



Yeah, I've attempted to dabble in the art of writing. Woo.

First song I ever wrote. Its titled simply "Missing You". I did it to get a date... failed. Well... at least for the girl I was after. It got 5 others after me

Anyhow. The vocals are ok. Everyone says they're pretty good, I don't like them.


This one is simply titled "Spacy Song". Its pretty easy to figure out. The ending part is pretty random, as I had no idea of any scales or anything. Most of the stuff I did I did without any theory knowledge until about 2 months ago.


Finally, an improvised recording. My cousin was playing around with synth percussion on my keyboard, and I had my guitar, so I improvised something over his beat, and it ended up getting recorded. Its pretty cool. I came up with a riff, and I stuck to it like glue. This is a few months ago. Once again, before I knew any scales to use for imporvisation or anything of the sort.


Anyhow, thats my portfolio at the moment. If anyone is bored enough to listen, I'd appricate feedback.
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