need a little advice here, i'm about to start building my pedalboard, and would like a few tips on my effects chain i.e. which order to put things, before i start fixing things in place. Some of these effects are still to be purchased (pay day soon), but are definates.

The effects to be placed, in no order of preference are:

Boss ME-50
EHX Metal Muff with Top Boost
Boss CH-1
Boss DS-2
Boss CH-1
Boss PW-10
Boss BF-2.

There is also the footswith for my amp, but as this is not part of the signal chain, clearly does not have any bearing on the order of the other pedals.

if it makes any difference, I am using a Gibson Les Paul Gothic/Gibson SG Standard via most of the above pedals (only wah and flanger still to go) into Marshall MG250DFX (i know, I know, will upgrade eventually).

any help given is much appreciated.
Does the Marshall MG250DFX have an effectloop? In that case I'd put your multi-effect in the effectloop and the single pedals in the regular input. The problem is, the ME-50 will need to have a different position when you use different effects. If you have the Me-50 as last in the chain and you're using it's wahwah then it'll sound different (wahwah's always go first..)

Usually this is the set-up IIRC; Wahwah --> Overdrive --> Spacial effects ---> Delays --> Compression
I can't help you on the order of pedals, but I'd recommend trying other wahs than the PW10, it's not very good IMO. (If you have tried it, disregard that).
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