When constructing a major scale, what Are you confroming to, that makes you make certain notes higher into a sharp or lower into a flat. Tired....
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Please, go and have some sleep before you ask vague questions such as this and the other thread.. I don't understand a word you say, so I can't help you right now.
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Erm..do you mean like, why do you play certain notes?
Like why would you play the A in A major higher or lower than the B...if so, you just pick a note that sounds right..

Tbh I really find it difficult to get what you're asking, but if you mean pitch, you choose it because of either
A) It sounds better than the same note in a different position
B) Because it's easy to play.

Or if you're on about why certain notes are sharps and flats, go and research the circle of fifths.
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