Here's To Prague & Chernobyl

beating to like a nuclear reaction
this atomic radiation is acting like
a long lost lover and is leaving me
without the oxygenitic neo-pills
that keep these fingers moving
and these bones cracking.
running to the sound of battery acid,
it pumps like a nitrogenetic bomb through
my 10,000 burning blue veins,

I ate the dischord of a peacock through test tubes.
I climbed the ovaries of a giant red sun that gave birth to a brand new tan.
I walked over 42 gallons of type AB blood that was thrown down a canyon.
I got caught unraveling a 10,000 year old mummy, I think her name was Yari.
I ripped the bones from the sides of the walls and I gave a new meaning to discent.
I grew my fingernails so long that they broke a few records and a blinded a few eyes.
I wrote so many poems that I ran out of a metaphors to describe how I love, how I feel, how I am a robot living in the east coast. I ran out of imagination and I ran out of that feeling of knowing I'm writing therapy. I'm not, I'm writing words for entertainment. I wrote so many poems, my words mean jackshit to me now.

So here's to Prague & Chernobyl for cheaping it real.
Ahh Matt an introspective piece, that was executed with unparalleled success i might add, I loved this, far more than all of your last 5 at least put together, the only part i didn't like was "cheaping" without that it would be flawless, at the time when you needed to be most coherant you stunted the afterthoughts with a clumsily placed in piece joke, when you should have really gone for the jugular! And ended on such a dramatic thought.

Heres to your more than inspiring work, and yet more to come.

Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
thanx for the amazing poem, it means alot to me actually, really...
keep on writing, you got that talant...
you can crit my song called Euphoria n other bad poems, anyway, peace