hey guys
i finally got my electric guitar,but that took all my money,i couldnt buy an amp or anything,so i plug it to my stereo and play,till i can afford the rest of the gear!

the problem is,the sound is clean,all the stuff i wanna play need distortion of effects of some sort and doesnt sound impressive when clean!!

so can you guys suggest me somehting that sounds owkay with no gear at all

ive been tryin out "knockin on heaven's door" the GnR version,but i need something else,something with cool solos!

you got anything in mind?
Or just go buy like a 20 dollar cheapo distortion pedal from musiciansfriend.com. It will work for the time being.

As far as clean stuff. My favorite song to pull off if someone hands me an acoustic would be "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd.
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wish you were here is long done on mt acoustic,i want something with big solos dude!

as for the 20 dollar distortion unit,20 dollars is 140 pounds in my country,so its still not affordable
i had to save for a coupla years to get a decent guitar here
so,any other ideas?
Consider this, if you can make a solo sound great when played clean it will even better when you distort it. I do most of my practicing in clean, regardless the music type. You can hear more mistakes and it helps me address them.

To remedy your initial query, sell some blood and pickup a microcube.
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lol sell blood??

well ill consider it,as for practicing clean,thanks for the tip!
but i still need suggeston on stuff that doesnt sound crap when played clean,cuz thats my only option at the mo!