What is the difference between F space and Regular on pick ups? and is the DiMarzio Distortion pickup any good for hard rock and Metal?
F space is Floyd Rose spacing. The spacing between the strings on an FR is a little wider than a regular bridge, so the F-spacing has the poles a little wider so they sit directly under the strings, it's only really needed for a bridge pickup.

SD is a very nice pup for hard rock and metal if you're after a real old-school tone. For a slightly edgier, harder tone I'd suggest checkin out the EvoII or Evo. Basically any of the high output DiMarzios, but those 3 would be my choices.
i Love the super Distortion pick up its great for hard rock and metal pair it with a Paf Pro in the neck and your set
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Emg's thats all i haft to say if your after Black label Society,zakk wylde,and a **** load of nu metal band sounds aka slipknot ect.....
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