Okay, I'm considering buying the 007 Elite, but I'm confused on some things.

At the official Schecter website, in the picture (http://schecterguitars.com/imgs/007_elite_bch.jpg ), it has chrome hardware and a string-thru construction. On nearly every other website i see it at (http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Schecter-007-Elite-7String-Electric-Guitar?sku=513033 ), its black hardware and it has a tail stopper (is that what you call them?). I think the one with the black hardware looks cooler, but judging from what I see on the Schecter website, I'm thinking the chrome one must be a new model. Does that mean if I order it from musiciansfriend or wherever, I'll get the old one or the new one? Some people even said they got one with 2 humbuckers. If I want to get the new one, where should I order it from?
go to a store and see the thing for yourself, then buy..,
where are u from? there must be a lot of stores out there if youre from urban cities
small town in california, but ive been to many music stores and none within a 100 mile radius has one and im not old enough to drive
why would you stick 2 that one? it really seduced you?? by another brand of guitar.. Mine is a MerryPhonic FC44, looks great, and we repainted it pure black.. Now i think it's the coolest guitar in the world,,
i havent noticed any of the ''new'' schecter guitars that had the ''diamond series'' logo on the head stock, i think all the old guitars had the ''diamond series'' on the headstock.

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you get easily f*cked up on that schecter series.., we had one before, but the strings easily messed up because of the hole fretboard, frets, and the truss rod part