hi, i m just about to leave to got and order parts for this pedal http://www.runoffgroove.com/mayqueen.html

can someone tell me what pots i need for the trim (i.e. log or lin) and i'm putting in a drive so log or lin for drive control?

and is audio log or lin?
hold on, i know that the drive and trimpot will be separate, but im making the trimpot a normal pot and im adding a drive control, do i use audio for drive and what are trimpots as standard? log or lin?
sorry for the double post but i really am in a hurry, what resistor do i put before the LED so that it doesn't like explode from the full 9 volts?
I PMed you for the first post. And for the LED, you can start with a 2.7k and if its too bright, use a 4.7k, if its not bright enough, use a 1k, 470k etc. Just test different ones to get the brightness you want.