Ive got roughly 500$ for a new amp at the most and i was hoping to replace my old one. Its a very crappy peavey practice amp. I hope to start doing small gigs soon so if theres anything that could reach a small room....

oh yah i play mostly classic rock and a little punk and metal.
Get a nice all tube amp and a TS-9 to get your metal sounds.
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get a Peavey Valveking 112 amp. They are good tube amps and 50watts. For a little extra you can get the 212.
you could also look for a used xxx, classic 30, or a used traynor blue. the traynor would suit your classic well.

another amp to look at is a used jcm 800. fantastic amp that can get your good classic tones, and then use a good OD (maxon, ibanez) to get higher gain.
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