Hey, I'm currently changing my pickguard, and I guess I don't have to work with any wiring if I just use the same knobs and circuity etc. on my new pickguard, but - and maybe this is a stupid question - how do I loosen the knobs (tone, tone and volume) from my current pickguard? I could just put a screwdriver under them and apply pressure but if that's not the correct way, I don't want to damage stuff right ^^
It's a regular Strat pickguard with regular strat knobs. Help would be appreciated ^^
Remove the knobs carefully by prying them off - you could try levering with a screwdriver or pulling with pliers. You might want to wrap cloth/rubber around them if pulling if they are delicate/will scratch.
There should be nuts on the underside of the pickguard (the side you usually can't see). There should be a nut on the top side as well.
Undo the nut on the top side by rotating it anticlockwise until it falls past the shaft, where the knob was. The pots should then slide out away from the top side.
Stick the shafts through the new pickguard and tighten the nut (clockwise) until its secure and the pot can't turn around. You need to line up the knobs so the numbers are facing the right way: eg, on mine the right number is facing in line the the neck (if the tone is on 10, the #10 is facing the headstock). Turn all the pots to 0 or 10, then slide the knobs on so they are all facing the right way - you might want to remember how they were before, or adjust them to suit, eg: you might want the number facing upwards.
Secure the pickguard with the same screws you took off, making sure all the wires fit into the cavity.