I need some help. I want to but a good, relatively inexpensive distotion pedal. I play mainly pop punk (lots of treble), older punk, and classic rock. (pretty much all rock but metal, sorry guys, just don't like it). I play a 2001 Gibson Les Paul Junior and a 2000 Epiphone Les Paul Studio. I play through either a Peavey Rage 158 or an old Fender Bassman 50. Don't want to spend much over $75 to $100. It would be great if it sounded good through the Bassman, seeing as that's my main amp.
Boss DS-1 would be ok for you i guess

EDIT: Check the BOSS site for soundclips, i'm pretty sure they have some.

Oh, and you might also wanna check out the Ibanez Tubescreamer pedals.
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for 75 dollars u can get a digitech grunge pedal and a bad monkey pedal.. thats a great deal and all the distortion your looking for.
You'll defianatly want some sortof overdrive, like a tubescreamer to use with the bassman.
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i have a boss ds-1 its very good for classic rock i find, i dont play pop punk but im sure it could handle it i find the pedal quite versatile, its in your budget i think (not sure how much it is in dollars but its only about 40 pounds over here)

check out some overdrive pedals as well, probably be better if the bassmans ya main amp
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look at an overdrive pedal, as it would be great on your bassman. a ibanez ts808 would be good, or a ts9, also check out maxon od pedals.
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So far sounds like a tubescreamer would be a good choice. Can you get vintage tubescreamers on e-bay for decent change? What would you expect to pay? My Bassman is a 72', so it would be cool, but probably not economical to get a tubescreamer to match.
Look into...
-Digitech DF-7...its got the DS-1 as mentioned along with the Tubescreamer. It also has 5 more models of distortion which I find great. Doesn't sound like the originals to most and some say it sounds digital but if you wanted to know that you could have just looked at the name, Digitech. $100
-Ibanez TS808 Tubescreamer which is, if I recall, the best model. Maybe 70 bucks over your budget, but worth it.
-Maxon ODs which the Tubscreamers were based off of.
I think the DS-1 would give you a little more cut with the type of music you play. The tubescreamer is a warmer overdrive and it might not let you sit in the mix as well. The DS-1 doesn't have as much warmth and it doesn't sound as compressed at the limit. Try a DS-1, they're very affordable.
maxon od-9
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I agree with the recommendation of the DS-1. Cheap, sounds great, and would work perfectly with what you like to play. I have one, and I love it.

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