okay, so i made a thread about the peavey valveking 212 vs the peavey transtube bandit 112. and of course the 212 was better, but it's also 200$ more.

The valveking 112, still a tube amp, costs about 30 dollars more than the bandit 112, making it more in my price range.

is the valveking 112 any good though, I mean it's only a 50 watt tube, meaning about 100 watt solid state, but the transtube is an 80 watt SS or it can also go to 100 or something I read.. I'm guessing the valveking 112 would be better, right?
never played the valveking, but had the bandit 112 before i bought my tube amp, not that great of an amp.
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I read a magazine article a few days ago about the valvekings and from the sound of it, they're a great value amp. It'll definately last until you want to upgrade - and you might not even want to upgrade if you like it.

Don't bother with the transtube, get the valveking without a doubt.

Transtube just means that it doesn't have valves, but they want to make people think it sounds like it has.