The guitar I have now, a Squier Bullet is about to die, literally. The middle pick up is dead most of the first frets buzz, a couple of chipped frets, something else is buzzing around the nut and i think my neck is a bit warped (might ansswer the fretting problem). anyway, would a standard fender strat be good for now? i dont think i can afford an american strat as of yet, plus im not even that good. so would a standard strat with maybe a few tweaks be a good guitar? later.
It would be an excellent guitar, and a HUGE jump from the bullet, you can also find tons of upgrades for it as you develop certain preferences. Alot of metal guys bash this guitar, but I think its a great guitar for the price because your paying for build quality, not a trem that looks cool ( but throws you way out of tune) and a fancy paint job. Don't get me wrong, there are way better guitars, but for that price and the ability to upgrade, its hard to find a better deal if you need a versatile guitar that you will be learning alot on.
well how much money are you willing to spend and what muisc do you play
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Standard strats are good guitars, you'd definately feel the benefit of it over your squier bullet.
Yes, it would. It would be a big upgrade from what you have. For the same price you can get an Epiphone Les Paul, also.
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well how much money are you willing to spend and what muisc do you play

at the mo i cant say that i play certain music, but im aspiring to be a blues-rock guitarsit, clapton/hendrix-esque. and probably the most id be willing to spend is 500.. months of saving
Im metalhead and i love the strat - i have one and its fitted with two singlecoils and a "lil" humbucker which works great for me. i advise for you to never be attracted by the low prices of these retailers who sell "great guitars" like bullets and Epi LP Specials for a 100 bucks...just a waste of $$$ so yea

the strat is very good - look into some other guitars in the price range... its around 400bucks so look at as many guitars as you can and if possible, play them to hear and feel for yourself the guitar...
I just bought a Squier Fat Strat special edition. Everybody who I have talked to said it was a really nice guitar. It was only $199.

Here it is :

It comes with 2 singles and a double humbucker.

I think its a great beginners guitar though you can get better if you want to spend more money.
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are you just starting out?

cus i started 4 years ago and i didnt really know the "good tone" (which btw varies as your styles change...) and i bought a epi les special for a 150 and i ended up not using it...you can tell as you use it more and more... you cant get the sound you really want from the lower priced guitars... I got a higher epi les with emgs and that was a huge leap...

if you plan to play for a long period of time, you might wanna wait just a lil longer to collect more money for a better guitar... o well... in the end, its all up to the buyer - you have the power of choice
Oh, in that case, you have lots of choices besides the standard, you should look at some of the deluxe series (like pre- upgraded standards, but they usually have a better neck). And if you like gibson style stuff better, I am currently thinking about buying an epiphone elitist sg on ebay (to replace my american strat), they normally run for about 500 even. The fender highway one series just got completely redone, they are american made guitars, but are not as expensive as the standard americans, to be honest I don't know that much about these guitars, but fender makes them seem really nice on the site and I liked the original ones but I'm not sure how much they are and therefore if they're worth the money.

Also, there are tons of other guitars but I think in your situation, a deluxe strat of some type will be the best choice (although it may be a little more than 500, the deluxe players is an excellent deal for a gorgeous guitar).

I suggest a strat because you want to play bluesy rock, if you wanted to play hard rock and such, I would suggest a schecter c-1 of some type and plenty of other guitars, I hope the metal guys dont get offended by my first comment, lookin back on it, it seems a little harsh, what I meant is that it's hard to get that style of guitar with a quality build for that price range, there are tons of awesome guitars from shecter, ibanez, and many others in the mid priced and up range so I just wanted to make that clear since you said you want to play mostly blusey stuff.
Thanks, Imma try to save for the Stan. Strat. Does anyone know if the the tremelo throws you off tune? If it does, imma have to save extra for maybe some locking tuners.
Yeah, I have one, the tremolo throws it WAY off. I don't even use it anymore. It would be wise to invest in locking tuners.
what amp do you have too, and how much cash altogether?
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How are you going to try to save for a standard strat, you have 500 and they cost less than 400 so you should have no problem unless you are only willing to spend up to 500 and have not aquired it yet. And I really think you should check into the deluxe players, its a very sweet deal and I'm almost positive it's somewhere under 600 if you're just willing to save a little more.