"Running in Circles" is a very mellow acoustic song. I've been wanting to record it for a long time and was very surprised/pleased with how it came out.

"Don't Need Life" is a distorted song. I was told it was like the Pixies without a bass, or Blur, or just a grungey track (well I think the song is more garage rock, but one line in there is grungey :P). The lyrics aren't all serious buttttttt I'm sure you could've figured that out

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I really like Running In Circles.. it's got a nice feel to it.. and Don't Need Life... well lol.. i just didn't "enjoy" listening to it.. sounds really distorted haha.. and i can hear some kind of ringing? I guess it was somethin on the drums? Anyways.. good job!
"Running in Circles" was very good. Reminded me very much of Jack Johnson. The only problem was that the little riff you played seemed to throw you off time whenever you played it.

"Don't Need Life" was okay. It wasn't my favorite. It sounded ALOT like Franz Ferdinand.