well first off, i love, love, love this guitar....its perfect for me, the paint job, the sound, the look, i bought it from guitar center a couple months back and ive been lookin around the ibanez web site, musiciansfriend.com, guitarcenter.com...and i cannot find my guitar listed anywhere? because i heard about a bunch of fake ibanez'z on ebay, and i saw it inthe little catalog guitar sends out with specials for that month, so i was just wonderin is there a possibilty that i bought a knockoff guitar from a big chain store?

heres a few pics of it by the way.

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seeing as you bought it at guitar center
i'd doubt it's a fake

Lol exactly.

Looks pretty though
Mebbe its not on the ibanez website cause it's discontinued? Iunno as long as your happy with it its still a damn fine guitar. Plus you got it at GC.
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it's real, a special edition for GC. look in the parts catalog on the ibanez site, it shows it.
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^ Aye sir.. he's right.. The model name is above the serial nr on the back of your headstock: RG 3 EX1. And yes, I think this is one of the guitar centre exclusive ones..
No its not a fake, its guitar center exclusive. In your case its the RG3EX1. Currently there are 4 guitar center exclusive models, RG2EX1, RG2EX2, RG3EX1 and RG5EX1.
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Definitley not a fake. Its an EX1. The Ibanez website sucks....and according to your serial number its pretty new.
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yaas some1 said iyta a gc onlr really model i got 1 also does urs aldso have pups that say designed by emg, if u do do u what what emgs they are, or are they special ones