alright so im building a guitar out of mixed maple from lowes (by the way is that ok to use?) and after i sand its all sanded down what do i do? do i primer it then paint it then laqeur it? i want it to be smooth and not have that sticky feeling so what are the things ill need? and were can i get them?

What brand/ type of paint? will spraypaint work?
were can i get wood 'stain' ?
whats the order in which i do things after the bodys sanded down?
what kind of laqeur do i use?
basically how do i finish and paint a guitar? and were do i get the stuff to do it?
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You can begin by going through most of the build threads that you see. That way you can learn from other people's mistakes, and have a general idea of how to go about doing everything.

While you can use wood from a hardwood store, that wood isn't dried out (usually) so you'd have to go through that whole process before you can even cut into it for the first time. Your best bet is to get some wood from one of the many companies offering if online. In one of the stickied threads there are links to some good places to get wood.

As far as painting is concerned, the basic process is:
1) Sand the body down and fill the grain
2) Spray the primer on and sand away the orange peel
3) Spray your top coat on
4) Spray more clear than you think you'd need on
5) Sand until it's deadly flat (increasing the sandpaper's density as you go along until you're at 1500 or 2000 grit)
6) Follow algee's buffing/polishing tutorial

Those are the basic steps, there's a bit more in between, but that's the general plan you're looking at.