I recently got given a Laney AOR 3012 series II 30 watt combo.
I was really excited because most of the reviews said it was really good for metal.
Brought it home, plugged it in with my Ibanez, put on distortion and...
It was horribly fuzzy. What a disappointment. I had the master on like 3 so i just assumed it was because of the low volumes, so i backed off the gain and started cranking. I noticed an improvement in the tone, so instead of sounding worse than an mg, it sounded like a nice fuzzbox. But still no metal distortion. I got to a point where the amp was on 10 and my mum was yelling at me to turn it down and the baby next door was crying and i couldnt even hear either of them, and still sounding like some boutique fuzzbox.

Any ideas on getting a metal tone out of this thing?
If i turn the gain down and put an OD pedal in front of it, will it achieve metal distortion or just remain fuzzy? Might i just have to buy a distortion pedal or a preamp or something? If so, please recommend some good ones.