This is my first song post and, well, technically my first song ATTEMPT. I just wrote the following and, although it is rough, it deals with the decision of a slave to run away from her master and plantation. She is caught and I am trying to decide where to go with the song from here. Note: I am IN NO WAY racist, rather, I am merely attempting to capture the essence of the "slave" centuries ago and their plight to become "born". Please offer any advice on where the story should go and what you think thus far. Thanks!

In light of the recent events, he said
I'm gonna have to tell your friends and your family what you did.
An' at that point, there is no doubt you'll regret it
But you weren't thinkin' about the future back when you did it.

Your foolish pride resulted in your demise
and your lofty aspirations cast our entire plantation
in a bad light
when you decided that fateful night
to be born.

"I've got dirt on these palms and dust in my eye
I reckon the time has arrived for me to die
But as I leave, don't bother mournin' for me
After all, my destination is where I can be free".
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