hey im 13 years old and got some experience with guitar. i play mostly alternative and punk rock, and ive mastered most techniques. Can anyone help me with SOLOING though. i dont read music to learn just tabs but does anyone know how i can master scales and learn how to rock HARD with solos quick n e-z?? thx fer listenin hope to get replies -chris
its called IMPROV
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reading music isnt necessary, my guitar teacher had a book full of tabbed scales, now im his best student and can improv almost as well as him...its just a matter of practicing
Yes do re mi fa blah blah. You need some theory knowledge and technique to play a solo no matter how simple (ok there are exceptions like one note solo's and stuff). Start learning the C major which is the notes C D E F G A B. If you have trouble finding those notes you can start learning the notes on the fretboard better. To keep you motivated you can meanwhile learn the infamous minor pentatonic box and practise some bending and improv with that. But really. There is no shortcut to becoming "great". If you don't work hard you will be limited to simpel solo's. There is nothing wrong with that but you are the one who decides how good you want to be.
just as Al di Meola once said "I have a tummy full of theory, but once i start playing i forget all of it" - or something like that

so i'm going to say that ear training is the most important factor when learning to improvise and solo...this is simply "training" your ear to recognize intervals, hear notes before playing them, and being able to hear a melody in your head and imagining how it would look and be played on the guitar...a daunting task, yes, but with the right amount of correct practice, you can begin to improve

you need some Melodic Control
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your 13 and youve "mastered" almost all the techniques?

anyway, as your still young i would still say cram your head full of scales and modes , aswell as practising each one over a backing track , or any song would do really. and try and work out what sounds good for each style of music , and then try and make little licks up out of the scales.
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also, besides scales, just play your guitar when ever you can. just keep trying things and try to make your own style, licks and runs. pretty much now when ever i wake up, i eat, get cleaned up and go play guitar. from then on ill put my guitar between anything i do. sometimes ill even play right out of bed because i have an idea from a dream. i never used to play as much as i do now and it's amazing how much its improved me already. other than that, i dont know what to tell you for your style of music because i play blues.jazz and classic rock.
well, improv in alternative music is all about sound
so as everybody else said, get familiar w/ scales/modes and also with your ear
also, you might want to learn about effects that you can create yourself (harmonics, whammy,etc.)
then try to get some textures by the way you pick the string and also some melodic development
motivs, chromaticism, arpeggios, techniques, etc.

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