I enjoyed it a lot. I liked the leads, maybe try adding a few bends and other things in it to keep it interseting.
that was very well written. the lead melody was really catchy i loved it, it went together perfectly with the distortion and slight dissonance of the rythym part. the only thing i was confused about was why there were two measures of vocals in the beginning and nothing more after that, great job tho

crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=368637&highlight=%5BGP5%2FMidi%5D
That was pretty cool. I liked the bridge section at about 2:30 (I don't have GP) and I think it would sound cooler if you just had the drums do the double-time beat all the way through without the break every two measures (again, I don't have GP so I can't be more specific. I hope you get what I'm talking about.) I liked the main theme of the song. It's simple, yet cool. Overall, very nice. I like it a lot.

Thanks for the crit.
Not ussually my taste but i enjoyed that...my favorite was the rhythm from bar 11....8/10....crit mine?in the sig
i liked that alot, was real mellow if u ask me. really liked the lead part and the rhythm behind it. all in all real cool. would sound lush with some singing over it. did start to feel a little repitive but everytime it started to feel boring it changed so it didnt really matter.

ive got a tab up if u wouldnt mind givin an opinion plz