since you guys are the all powerful masters of naming and branding music. i want to know this. what makes the difference between metal"core" and everything else. cause i cant tell if there even is a difference. so tell me if bands like trivium and ax7 arnt metal what the hell is.
Bands like trivium and lamb of god are smth like a compilation of metal with hardcore music and lyrics . And all the metal magazines have identified them as metallcore.Cause they dont stick with the standards , they mix up genres and making a trend which will die like all the trends.
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.
metalcore is metal (often trash) with hardcore influences (often heard in the vocals). On THIS FORUM we don't consider it metal. Of course you can't say it isn't metal since there isn't a "book of metal" with the truth in it. As said, metalcore isn't metal on this forum.
Listen to real hardcore like Throwdown or Shai Hulud.

Listen to melodic death metal like At The Gates or old In Flames

Notice that Trivium's sound is basically the same as Throwdown or Shai Hulud's with solos/melodies in the same style as At The Gates.

Notice that Trivium's clean vocals are similar to emocore bands like Funeral For A Friend

Notice that this makes Trivium (and most other metalcore) roughly 70% hardcore, 10% emo and 20% metal.

Finally, notice there is a hardcore forum with a Trivium only thread