I need help with this chord:


I can play barre chords and everthing i just cant get my fingerrs right with the 13s.

Is there any technique to playing a chord like this?
I just use my index finger to barre it on the 11th fret and use my others to do teh 13's. You could do the 13's all with your ring finger
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Just barre the 11th fret with your index finger and use either your ring or pinkie finger to barre the 13th fret but lift the end of your finger closest to your palm up a bit so the 6th string's note rings out.

The 5th string's not doesn't have to be played either. You could just cheat and just use your index finger and fret the 11th fret on the 6th string and play from the 4th string down. Once you get comfortable with that, you can try the full 11th fret barre.

It just takes a bit of practice. Eventually, you'll just be able to do it.
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You should just do a normal barre over the 11th fret and use your ring finger (3rd finger) to barre the 13's. And don't mind the high E string, it's not neccessary to make it ring. The only thing you'll accomplish by that is arthritis. So, barre with both your index and ring finger.
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Cheers for the help guys.

Even though i didn't help, everyone elses suggestions were right.
I used to have trouble doing chords like that, but finger strength always comes with time.
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