I've got a Gibson LP with serial number 94055692, and only recently tried to look up what the numbers meant. I'm confused now since according to the YDDDYPPP configuration it would have been made on the.....405th day of the year? It's a '95 Standard, ebony, a bit beat up, nothing special other than that it sounds really nice and the mahogany is darker than on most LPs. Can anyone help with this?
^Thanks, I'm really surprised at that. According to Gibson that shouldn't be a legitimate serial number:


I guess I'm not quite convinced, because Gibson doesn't make any mention of that SN change, and I'm confused that the serial would only designate the year and then have 6 more or less useless numbers afterward.
Seems to me like it's...


Year ('95)
Possibly April 5?

Are you sure you're reading the serial correctly? I could be wrong though.

Btw, i'm just guessing about April 5, which is probaly wrong. It should say it's the 405 day of the year, which doesn exist in our calenders.

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^I'm sure about the number, although it's been painted over (headstock repair). The number is still quite visible and the only one I'm not 100% sure of is the 0- it might be an 8 or 9.

The april 5 thing makes sense, though. I'd call Gibson, but that's kind of a last resort as I expect them to just dismiss it as a fake (it's not) or just not know anything/not care.

Edit from the future, in case anybody ever finds this thread and cares:
In 1994 and 1994 only, Gibson used a different serial number convention. It appears this was because it was Gibson's 100th anniversary. Either way, the 1994 serial numbers start with a 94, with the last 6 digits representing the guitar chronologically - so mine was the 55,692nd guitar made in 1994.