Hey for my birthday im wanting to get a epiphone les paul studio ebony XD Ds this a awesome kickass guitar that you'll buy? Does it make your heart beat fast , very fast XD when you just touch this domiant spieces ..... Anyway gettin too carried away.. I have been playing for about 2years now , had guitar lessons etc....Im into metal stuff like trivium , metallica , bullet for my valentines , avenge sevenfold...blah....blah....im with a band soo is this gig proof? XD
hell yeah, if you like it that much, get it. you could later switch to emgs if you play metal and do some upgrading and you get yourself a sweet guitar.
what's your budget, and what's your amp?
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On topic, it's not that great of a guitar. What do you have right now?
Its a good guitar. I've heard that its now all Mahogany instead of the laminate that was used before. Great guitar, I love the sunburst one.