Ok I redid it. Its better now. The vocals are on time now. there are still a few slipups, but they aren't that bad. so give it a listen and tell me what you think this time.

Link is in my sig.
I overall enjoyed, it's pretty good. I'd suggest making the vocals a bit louder and maybe layering it where you can have two voice singing the chorus to make it sound fuller. Your voice just sounds a bit thin but that'll improve with time. Instrumentally it's good. Keep it up!
nice i like alot of ur other stuff as well especially californication and im listening for whom the bell toles right now overall very good timin wise ect
im criting as im listening.

i really like it, the beginning sounds near perfect, you have a great voice, sounds like the original so far. its a cover ive been thinking of doing myself with my band, but noone can sing that well so..

ive just got into the drop in bit, the guitar sound maybe isn't quite right, there is something about it that isn't quite right, but it is still brilliant. at bits it sounds like you get a bit out of breath!!!! but it is a seriously really good, not perfect but thats why its a cover, you dont want to get it exactly right, otherwise you might as well just play the record.

i would personally give it a 9/10.
Man, I love Brand New's lyrics.

As for the recording:

This is perfect, absolutely perfect. Very nice work.

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