When doing natural harmonics, how do you mute the string easily? Im playing crazy train and the part:

e ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
B ---------------[Slight tremolo bend after playing of both harmonics]----------------------
G -------------------------7*-------------------------------------------------2------------------
D ----------------7-----7*-------------------------7-------------------------2------------------
A 4---4---4-----5------------------4---4---4-----5--------5-5---4---2----0----------2--------
E 2---0---2-------------------------2---0---2-----------7---------------------4--2--0---2--4-
m m m m m m m m m m m

Well, i play the first harmonic, and it keeps ringing and when i hit the second harmonic it sounds awful, do you just palm mute it or is there a dif technique? Thanks! (ps: im using hte index finger to hit the harmonic, should i try a dif finger?)
im pretty sure its referring to a palm mute.... usually in something like this i would just place the finger back down lightly on the string where it was when you hit the harmonic to mute the ringing note before hitting the next harmonic