So i was messing around with this song, hehe reading the lyrics off azlyrics... recorded it. and then I decided to add some harmony vocals towards the end of the song (the high part) afterwards .


Check this one out if you ever heard the tune, and any feedback is greatly appreciated.
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Excellent job on the vocals. Main part and harmonies both sounded great. For the guitar the strumming just didnt sound very natural, which might have something to do with however you recorded it. (If I remember correctly the guitar part rings out for the first few strums, then its stacatto, chord change, repeat, havent heard the song in a while though). Not a big deal though about the strumming, great job all around.

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Not a big staind fan by any means, but I do like this song. You should do this again with drums and bass. Few slip ups on the guitar, and your voice as always is amazing. Good job, as always
ok man. your voice is definetly the best I hear around here for a while. I also know you can play the guitar better than this. like the one said before me. let the chords ring. In the verse and also in the chourus. And for chourus use no power chords. Use the standard E, G, D and A chords. Also the strumming pattern you use is not correct.
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