Yes you can, i think. But you can't do it the other way around.

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it's fine but u'll get a deep bassy sound.
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You can do it, but shouldn't do the reverse method (bass to guitar amp)
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Erm... Why can't you play a bass through a guitar amp?
I've done it a lot, and there's no real problems with either, the amp or bass
You actually can play a bass through a guitar amp, but you shouldn't, because you can blow out the cone really quickly. THe cone of a guitar amp is not deep enough for the vibrations required and made by basses. But to the thread starter, guitars can go through bass amps, no problem. Just what everyone else said...."Bassy"
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my first guitar actually came with a bass amp and bass gig bag...how sad that silvertone can't even afford to stock their packages with decent sounding amps or at the very least, the right case...and how sad that i actually bought it
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it took you 15 consecutive hours of practice to realize that playing guitar makes you better at playing guitar. congratulations.

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I do.

but that's because it's a Marshall MG
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iiight i got a question 2 can u play bass through electric?

Search button, this question used to be asked on a daily basis pretty much.

And you can play a guitar thru a bass amp, but I don't recommend it because I did it with my old GK Backline 115 combo and playing on the 3 higher strings it sounded like my speaker was being pushed way past it's limits.

If you are going to play a guitar through a bass amp I would only do it with a 4x10 or a smaller practice amp, like a 1x8 or 1x10.
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well seeing as ur bass can pretty much cover all the regular notes up to the 12th fret high E of a guitar, guitar through bass amp isnt that bad. as long as you dont do lots of harmonics on high strings or really go up to the high registers too often you wont hav too much a problem (also kinda depends on the quality of ur amp).
that explains why my little marshall stopped working after i played my bass through it, it was before i got my behringer.
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Kyuss & Queens of the Stoneage play guitars through Mesa Boogie bass amps. So, yes!
Sometimes, when i'm really lazy, I play my bass through my sister's 15W marshall guitar amp. it's fairly old as long as i dont play the e string or lower, it's fine.
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Kyuss & Queens of the Stoneage play guitars through Mesa Boogie bass amps. So, yes!

They use Ampeg, not that Mesa shit!