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Stick to it and try to nail it, no matter how long it takes
4 36%
Move on, don't spend too long on this one technique and exercise
7 64%
Voters: 11.
helo thar!

i've decided to create a poll on a subject that interests me: practice tendencies

what i want to find out is how you people tend to practice - in this example, let's say you're practicing starting with your left hand only...so you go through a few chromatic legato exercises, all is fine and well...that is, until you reach a particular pattern (in this case we'll say 1h4p3p2 on all 6 strings) that you just can't nail at all; no matter how slow you attempt to complete the exercise, you just can't seem to play it and make it sound halfway decent

so, you're very frustrated, but you calm down...now, at this point, what do you do? you have about 3 hours of time you can use to practice uninterrupted...your usual routine consists of left hand exercises, right hand picking exercises, string crossing, scales, sweep picking, the works...do you

a) stick to this exercise or technique, possibly make separate exercises utilizing the trouble spots and trying to nail it before moving on, no matter how long it takes

b) move on, deciding that you shouldn't spend this much time on one exercise, and that with daily practice this exercise and others like it will become easier over time

i would appreciate a vote and perhaps a brief explanation of why you would make that particular decision
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it took you 15 consecutive hours of practice to realize that playing guitar makes you better at playing guitar. congratulations.

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i would struggle through and persist. Not for to long but keep coming back. One day something snaps in my head and it works well from them on. It only gets better. And most of my practise is very fast runs. Put a metronomone on at 120 bpm and shred licks from a mode i pick, or possibly something diminished or a bit more exotic, and find little paterns and work them up and down. Prob not the most efficent way, but its what I do.
I'd stick the guitar down and wait until my mind's ready to tackle it again - I can't practice if I'm frustrated (and when I can't nail something, I always get frustrated) - so I put the guitar down or play something else; do whatever until that particular passage might just pop into my head again and I'll be ready to tackle it with new motivation and desire.

I think forcing yourself to practice when you're going nowhere in that particular state of mind is futile and a 'good' mindset on something is something we all know is important for an effective practice session - sort of like giving yourself a time limit to learn a certain passage in, you're going to get frustrated, panic, feel ashamed blah blah... all these bad feelings you're getting when you're pushing through the frustration barrier and trying to wrap your mind round the problem are as bad as loads of tension in your arm, or your shoulder up near your eyebrows or whatever, you know... for me, it doesn't work. I play the guitar, it does not play me.

I put the guitar down, and I go back to it when I'm ready.
I'll just move on to the next thing I want to practice and after a while I'll come back to what I was originally practicing. I sometimes try to hard to nail something wich causes me to be less relaxed which makes it even harder to nail it. By moving on to something else I can clear my mind again and usually when I come back to whatever it was I couldn't do I suddenly do it a lot better 'cause I'm more relaxed.