im tryin to improve my soloing abilities and i need some good scales that i can start with besides the penatonic scale
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Learn the ENTIRE pentatonic scale. Not just (for example) the A Minor Pentatonic.
Learn the Pentatonic Scale that Goes across the entire fretboard and then repeats again.

Look in the lessons section of UG.
e -------15^1-
b ----13-------
g -14----------
i know the pentatonic that goes up the fret board but i dont know how to make that into a solo... if you really wanted to help me look in the unsigned band section and look for darkenedmindsyndrome-only you power tab and tell me a scale that would be good for that
D.M.SDarkened Mind Syndrome
Man, seriously - 'I need a scale'. Wtf? You have to be more specific - you've made two threads and haven't got any thorough answers, why? Because you're not being specific.

Give some details... your musical preference, the music you want to play, the music you want to improvise over - give some info and you'll get more answers with more information.
Quote by Left_Behind666
so listen to my song and you tell me

What chords did you use? What kind of mood is the song in? What were you thinking when you wrote it? What does it mean to you?

Dude, you want a melody to go over your song - I can't give you the name of a scale as much as you can't expect it to sound good, that isn't how it works.

Learn some scales - experiment with them, play them forwards, backwards, upside down - just do whatever you have to do until you find a sound you like.

People naming a scale for you on a forum isn't going to help anything - you have to tell yourself what you think is going to sound good. Good is subjective - someone gives you a suggestion that is theoretically sound, but you don't like it - what are you going to do? Ask for more?

Just use a search engine, learn some scales and write your music - no-one on a forum can do that for you.

Quote by redwing_suck
What song?

... 'if you really wanted to help me look in the unsigned band section and look for darkenedmindsyndrome-only you power tab and tell me a scale that would be good for that'...
Start with C major. Learn it all over the neck, and the notes of each chord in it.

Then learn the next scales in the circle of 5ths.

G major and F major.

They are only one note different from C. G major has one sharp, and Fmajor has one flat.
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Waiting for what?

Didn't we just tell you not to ask for a scale?
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you havent helped me one bit redwing and im just startin out so lay off the bad comments
D.M.SDarkened Mind Syndrome
Well in all fairness Left_Behind, you didn't even give a chord progression you want to solo over. You aren't giving anyone really anything to work with.
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if you do look under the unsigned band section and look for darkened mind syndrome- only you that is the song i want to know what scales would work with it , i dont know what the chord progression is , if someone could tell me i would appreciate it
D.M.SDarkened Mind Syndrome
He wants you to look at his powertab and post a scale to go with it. Instead of actually learning where scales are derived from so he can know the full harmony of a song.
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i think you need a guitar hero man. mine are stevie ray vaughan, jimi hendrix and eric clapton. and because i love them so much i know how they play and i want to play like them. now i also what kind of scales they mostly use and how they do things. so now after about two years of trying to play like all of them i have my own style. i mostly play the pentatonic scale, and aeolian scales. i also use parts of other modes where i see fit. i started out with just the pentatonic and i did fine. its a good base and once youve memorized it(whole neck) you can see how the pentatonic relates to major scales and modes because of the shapes and it will be easier to remember(well, it was for me).

now learning the scale wont do much. this is why you need guitar heros i think. learn their songs and how they use the scales they use. then once you know how they do it, you can start incorperating your own ideas. i actually did it the hard way and didnt learn solos. i just listened and tried to mimic their ideas. i never got it exactly the same but i also didnt really want to. i want my own style.

no matter what type of music you play, learn the modes. also, a "good" scale isnt really going to help you instantly. you need to practice and figure out how to improvise properly, the scales are just a tool that you use to express your self. you need to know how to use that tool

maybe get some books. thats what i did. it had all the major scales, modes, pentatonic and ecplained how they all work, what to use them for, etc... also try www.all-guitar-chords.com and go to the scales section and learn the scales you want.
Shut the **** up already. You didn't give anyone enough information, and when people tried to help, you acted like a moron. Why isn't this guy banned already.
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