this a song that i wrote in like ten miutes last night and i haven't finished it or revised it at all, i just want to see what you guys think of it as it is right now.

its a little different then my usual style (I'm trying some new stuff). its supposed to have a kind of Mars Volta/System of a Down....psychobilly sound.


We're the product of a nation
Voice of our generation
Misconduct, fraud, abomination
Is that what you want?!?

The media sell us to the public
Though they know nothing of it
The general audiance craves
Yet they dont even know us!
They dig their graves
All in vein
Now please
Just try to focus

(music stops, then starts with vocals)

Blown out of proportion!
Our words all distortion
Mixed priorities
Re-arrange these crys of pain
We're the disconnected from society!

Left our mark on this tragedy
Stay where you are
Don't get too far ahead of me
The system tells you how to behave
Now please consider...
You can not think for yourself
You let your superiors
Poke and praud with curiousity
Save some-one else
Don't drag us through another monstrosity

The majority thinks everything of you
They know nothing of the truth
Everyone loves us
But we might as well live in a cave

No-one actually knows us
We just make them feel special
I'm tired of all this
built up rage
We'll just quit

Contract compromise
necties strangled demise
we get on stage
payed to play
mindless youth stare in adoration
I can't take it anymore!
All this shame!
Blown out of proportion
Our words all distortion
Mixed priorities
Re-arrenge these crys of pain
We're the disconnected from society!
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I like it, it sounds a bit like system of a down, i also like the pauses they made the song more interesting. great work really, i can't think find anything wrong with it.