Poll: Shinedown's Greatest RADIO Hit (so Far)
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1. Burning Bright
1 20%
2. 45
2 40%
3. Save Me
2 40%
4. I Dare You
0 0%
5. Someday
0 0%
Voters: 5.
I may be married to Tremonti, but I still have some love for Shinedown's hits. I preffer 45 out of these selections, but wich do you prefer?
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i love all their stuff his voice is my favorite voice in rock i love burnin bright cuz i always thought it was like inspirational and stuff i always used to like listen to it when i was down and then id be like yeah im burnin bright hehe it was awesome
Thanks man, a fellow shinedown maniac. I love everything, the vocals, the guitar. It's all sooo damn hard, and soo damn good.....it's CRAZY!!!!!!!!