Whats up man, just sayin first I like you already for your taste in music

I saw sonic youth a couple months back when they came to austin, absolutly amazing.

Love this song as well/

Moore is badass.

Pretty solid recording, your vocals are alright. the acustic feel doesnt really do it completly for me, but I like the idea. Decent job man, could use some work still
Hey you saw them at that outdoor b-b-q place? I was there too. It was awesome. June 23rd I believe.
yeah stubs outdoor. The first band sucked so much though, lol

we were the bunch of kids smoking on the far wall under the "no smoking sign", that concert was badass
yeah that weird singer guy who looked like he was on acid kind of looked like michael stipe in his early years. ^ and thanks, yeah I have a kind of deep voice, and I hate not being able to hit those notes without trouble and they arent even that high.