Just recorded this awhile ago; it's a pretty unknown song from their album "Mother's Milk".

i really like the bass part but i think i'm a bit offbeat at times

you can check out our other stuff if you want but it's mostly my friends and i messing around

click on "Pretty Little Ditty"

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Mothers Milk has been my favourite Red Hot Chili Peppers album for over a year now. Its good to see someone else who appreciates the album so much.

The playing was very well done, the tone wasn't amazing but the playing made up for that.
Do you mind me asking were you got the backing track for it?

Great Job 9.5/10
there wasn't a backing track. I recorded the guitar, bass, and the trumpet.

I'm glad someone else likes Mother's Milk too.
Oh yeah mothers milk is awsome

I think this was a time when flea thought that every bass line had to be a wicked slap solo all the way through, so yeah it's great for learning bass off